Be my cousin

This is home, We are family!

If no one want to talk to you, we got your back.



Sex talk is now available for $125.00 Per HR.

Scan then call

Steps to speak to a Be my cousin operator!

  • Pick what service u want from the Be My Cousin menu.
  • Scan
  • After u scan, screenshot us the receipt at 1-718-957-0701.
  • Let us know what time u want to call us or we call u. If u want immediate talk we’ll do that.
  • If u call with no payment we not picking up and if it get out of control we will change our number. We here to be good family member’s not to play childish games and we not scammer’s. We don’t keep clients payment information history. Enjoy!

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We here for u.

About us!

We are operators whose available 24 hours to speak to u when no one such as friends, family & associates isn’t available. You can spill your heart out anytime. We’ll give u life changing advice that’ll soothe your needs. You have a choice as to rather or not you want to be on camera or tell your story completely anonymously off camera over the phone. In some cases familiarity breeds contempt so I suggest that u pour your heart out to someone that u don’t know nor can’t see so u can take the burden off your chest while being free that your business stay between u & the B my cousin operator.